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Welcome to Hi-Tech Appearances in Savannah, GA, your local experts in interior car cleaning! We spend a great deal of time in our cars and it’s not always easy to keep them as clean as we’d like. Work commutes, food, drinks, pets, and children can take a major toll on a vehicle’s interior. Not only is a messy car unpleasant, it’s also a time-consuming task to clean. This is why Hi-Tech Appearances has created a package specialized specifically for the interior.
If you are looking to get your car detailed and have been searching high and low for a "car wash near me," you have found the best! We are the go-to auto detailing company in Chatham County. Our Express detail package offers tremendous value. This package will keep your car looking pristine and is a great way to maintain a glossy shine. The Express is a great baseline package for anyone looking for a basic wash or for car-enthusiasts who are in need of maintenance.

The Express Detail includes a spot free hand wash to cleanse the paint of any dust and dirt accumulated driving through Savannah and the low-country. We follow that up with a thorough window cleaning, ensuring that the glass is so clean and streak-free that its nearly invisible. Finally, we do a thorough detail and cleaning on the wheels and tires. Whether you live on a dirt road in Rincon, in the heart of Pooler, or in the Historic District of Downtown Savannah, your wheels take on a ton of dirt and debris from the roads along with brake dust. Keeping your wheels clean is an absolute necessity.

The Hi-Tech team is driven by passion, so you can rest assured that you are getting the pinnacle of quality and service. We treat every vehicle like it's our own, and we'll settle for nothing less than perfection. That's the Hi-Tech Guarantee.
If your paint needs a little more than just a basic wash, our Clay and Polish package is the one for you. The Clay and Polish package is a deep cleaning and cleansing of your vehicle's painted surface. The claybar treatment utilizes detailing clay to extract and remove bonded contamination from the paint's surface. Have you ever washed your car and felt a rough texture on your vehicle's paint? That's your paint yearning to be decontaminated. The bonded contamination left behind after a car wash is what prevents your paint from shining the way it was designed to.

A Clay treatment can remove rail dust, brake dust, tree sap, and many more contaminants that simply can't be removed by traditional washing alone. After we decontaminate the painted surface, we perform a 1-step polish to enhance the gloss of your paint.

  • Clay Bar
  • Polish (1 Stage Correction)
  • Car Wash
  • Wheel and Tire Detail
At Hi-Tech Appearances, we are your go-to experts for paint correction in Savannah. We are known for paint correction and paint protection. Your paint is under constant attack from the harsh elements and other environmental hazards. Your once glossy finish is likely dull and covered in swirls, micro-scratches, etc. Some of those defects are a result of improper washing techniques, and can be incredibly noticeable on darker colored vehicles. If your paint is in need of a serious makeover, a paint correction will leave your car looking like it just received a brand new paint job.

This package includes multiple advanced processes to decontaminate your paint, as well as remove defects and flaws from the painted surface. It's important to protect your car once you've corrected the paint, and we strongly recommend Ceramic Pro paint coatings or PPF (Paint Protection Film) aka "clear bra."


Our mobile detailing crew brings the shop to your door! The Hi-Tech team will come to your home, workplace, etc. and provide premier detailing services wherever your vehicle is located. We are fully self-sufficient, so we will never ask to use your water or electricity. We ensure that everything from the time we show up to the time we leave is a worry-free experience. We service Savannah and all surrounding areas including Pooler, Rincon, Pembroke, Port Wentworth, Bloomingdale, Bluffton, etc. We also gladly travel further to locations out of the immediate surroundings of Savannah for a reasonable travel fee. Contact us for details!